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Availability: 10am – 6pm
Duration from: 5 Hours / 175 BD – 240 BD
Where: Amwaj Island

Jarada Island is one of the best beaches and also one of the top attractions in Bahrain. The magical

island appears in the ebb and disappears in the tide, it offers one of the best places to swim in

Bahrain; golden sand and crystal clear water.

  • Jaradah Island in the middle of Arabian Gulf with golden sand and clear blue water .
  • Snorkeling and Fishing will be part of our Trip .
  • BBQ and having a lunch on the island while swimming or getting a tan .

The Trip will start from Amwaj Marina where the Boat will be , the guide will introduce you to the
facilities available in the boat and procedure by details .
Maximum allowable passengers is 10 persons , we don’t mind if you bring your own equipment or
food as well as it will be provided in the island , After leaving from the marina it will take 30-45 min to
arrive to the island which it 1 Km long occupied by golden sand surrounded by blue water .
First , spending one hour snorkeling and collecting pearl shells to find pearls and also fishing , after
that the guide will prepare a BBQ of Meat and chicken or the fishes that you collect .
Secondly , Relaxing and listening to music on the beach of the island will be the most incredible
moment of the trip .
Finally , after spending 4 hours on the island we will head back to the Marine Passing throw some
places where dolphins gathers .
Trip Timing depends on weather and tides , since the island disappear when its high tide and fully
shown when its low tide .

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