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Aqua Lung has been making scuba gear for over 70 years and the care and attention to detail shows in the i750TC. The PVD finish is durable, resistant to wear, and does not reflect sunlight in shallow water.

Data retention stores your dives and settings even when you are changing the battery.

The bright OLED color screen is vivid and easy to read, and the intuitive operation is easy to understand.

This is a dive computer simple enough for a beginner but versatile enough to grow with a diver as they become more advanced.

The bragging rights on the i750TC are definitely the OLED display, with variable brightness, rich colors, and an easy-to-read, easy to navigate operation.

Three buttons make screen navigation a bit faster than two, which is a nice feature.

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  • High visibility color screen with color-coded safety indicators
  • Four operating modes include air, nitrox, gauge, and free dive

  • Three-axis digital compass

  • Three-button operation with easy to understand use-interface

  • Fairly expensive

  • Screen brightness can be a problem

  • App is not free, sold separately


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