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OMS Slim Hybrid Surface Marker Buoy / Emergency Diver’s Alert Marker, Duck Valve with Open Bottom, No-Lock LP Connector with OPV

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A special OMS SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) with an closed, open bottom allowing the diver to inflate it using the using the second stage of a regulator or to be orally inflated.  This SMB is a standard piece of gear for divers performing drift or decompression dives.  Before using this equipment, divers are recommended to seek instruction under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

This new OMS ‘hybrid’ SMB is designed with a self-sealing open bottom allowing a diver to inflate it using the second stage of a regulator, but also has a no-lock LP inflator to inflate it with any (drysuit etc.) hose which also permits oral inflation covering all methods of inflation.

The SMB HYBRID 3.3 or 6.0 from OMS is unique in the fact that it can be inflated in 3 ways; using an octopus at the opening on the bottom through a one way duck valve allowing air only in one direction, with the inflator valve by using your inflator / dry suit quick disconnect hose or by orally inflating with your mouth. Comes in orange, yellow or pink and is 1 or 1.8 meter long


  • Available size: 3.3′ long / 1 meter (~ 3 kg lift) & 6.0′ long / ~1.80 meter (~12 kg lift)
  • Available color : Pink, Yellow, Orange
  • Duck Valve with Open Bottom & No-Lock LP Connector with OPV 
  • NoLock” Inflator keeps BC hose from locking on
  • Dump/overpressure valve with manual pull cord
  • Nylon loop to aid in stowing when deflated
  • Stainless Steel “D” ring for attaching line
  • Closed bottom prevents accidental deflation
  • Easily inflated at depth
  • Extreme visibility


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