Pearl Diving – Shtayaah


Now, we offer you the opportunity to hunt for pearls right here in the seawaters of the Gulf.

  • Distance: 40Km
  • Time: 1 Hour from Manama
  • Depth: from 10 m to 15 m
  • Current: Medium
  • Difficulty Diving: Medium
  • Visibility: Medium
  • Type of Diving: Scuba Diving


For more than 2000 years, Bahrain’s pearls have been prized as some of the best natural pearls in the world. In the past, pearl divers spent months away from home at sea. They were lowered on weighted ropes and remained underwater for over a minute with nothing but a nose peg to control their breathing.

Leave in high spirits as the sun, the blue seas and a one of a kind experience awaits you – Pearl Diving. Arrive at the diving center by the Amwaj Island where you will meet your instructor and obtain the equipment which includes the boat ride, training and a wonderful opportunity to experience the historic and fun filled activity that dates back to centuries.

Bahraini natural pearls are considered the finest in the world- if you find a pearl whilst diving, it is yours to keep, an excellent (and valuable) souvenir. One cannot leave Bahrain without having this adventure as a part of the trip!


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